Ministries of Pastoral Care

  • Prayer Shawl Ministry: This group knit or crochets lovely prayer shawls for anyone in need of prayer and comfort.
  • We Care Cards: Saint George's sends cards to any parishioner who may need a greeting, a get well wish, or just a thinking of you card. Contact:  Mary Wright
  • Lay Eucharistic Visitors: This group of parishioners takes communion to those who couldn't be present on Sunday morning. Contact:  Al Marquis

Ministries of the Care of Creation

  • Buildings and Grounds: This dedicated group maintains our church, from weekly cleaning, to cutting back brush, to mowing lawns,and maintaining the plumbing and heating. Contact:  Pete Culmo
  • Gardening Group: Meeting bi-weekly in spring, summer, and fall these green-thumbers plant, prune, and weed the perennials gardens that beautify our grounds, showing God's creation off to its best. 

Pay It Forward:

How "Pay it Forward works". The names of regularly attending parishioners will be put into a "hat". One name will be drawn. That person will get a blank $25 check from St George's, as well as a letter, to send to the charity of their choice. Recipients are encouraged to add their own donation to the church's donation. The next Sunday they report where the check was sent and a new name is drawn an the cycle continues every Sunday. The Do Committee sponsors "Pay It Forward"


Liturgical Ministries:

  • Acolytes: Acolytes assist with the service, and may be anyone over ten years old. We have an active mix of ages, and Training is ongoing, and we welcome new members. Contact:  Karl Stanek
  • Altar Guild: This behind the scenes group prepares the altar for every Sunday and special services. Contact:  William Lockery
  • Lectors: The lectors present the lessons during the service and lead the prayers. Contact:  Debbie Hoops
  • Chalice Bearers: This ministry serves the wine during the communion. Contact:  Debbie Hoops
  • Greeters: Greeters are our public face who welcome all to our church, bring the gifts to the altar, and make the collection.Contact:  Laurie Locicero
  • Choir and Music: Contact:  Pete Culmo

Ministries of Administration

  • Vestry:Senior Warden:  Betty Caruso; Junior Warden:  Pete Culmo; Treasurer:  Robert Phelan Working with our priest the vestry conducts the business of St. George's Church.
  • Bolton Ecumenical Council: Contact:  Betty Caruso
  • Parish coordinator:  Phil Hovey
  • Memorial Fund Committee: This group watches over the donations made, usually in memory of someone or on a special occasion. Occasionally a gift will be given for a specific purpose or they will consider suggestions for expenditures. Contact:  Kathy Palmer


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